Want a Brighter Smile? Trust your Dentist with your Teeth!

There is something oh so special about a bright, white smile. It exhibits friendliness, even more so than a smile that is dull or discolored. Who would have thought? A smile is a smile is a smile, right? Not so. Research has made it very clear that, when we smile, we are projecting our image, our character, into the world. This is based solely on the appearance of our teeth, and that can be detrimental if their condition is not all that attractive. 
Here's what an attractive smile says:
I am friendly and sincere.
I am youthful and energetic.
I am motivated and successful.
I have money and popularity.
It is interesting that these are the messages that we can perceive just by looking at another person. It can be a shame when our own smile does not work for us in terms of our best interest. If you are in the North Canton, OH area, and you are concerned with the color of your teeth, trust your dentist to get you the results you want.
Why professional teeth whitening is best:
We all like to know the best way to do just about anything. This is because the "best" way is the way that gets us what we want in the shortest amount of time and with the least inconvenience. Many people forget to consider these factors when they try to liven up their smile. Commercial whitening strips are incredibly popular even though they don't really work! After one or more rounds of this at-home treatment, most people either conclude that teeth whitening doesn't work, or they realize that they need to see their dentist for more effective solutions. 
The major difference between commercial whitening and professional whitening is not how treatment is conducted; many of our patients get great results with our home whitening kit. The difference is in the dosage, or concentration, of the peroxide solution itself. Home whitening starts revealing whiter teeth after just one or two applications. Results continue to improve as daily treatment is maintained. Within a week to ten days, several shades of lifting are usually noticed. With in-office treatment, results are immediate. 
Who has time to waste on ineffective whitening treatment! For a brighter smile now, call (330) 493-8400 .
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