Dr. Hisrich Uses the Latest and Greatest Technology to Take Care of Your Smile



Laser Reflection Finds Imperfection—Aids in Correction
Providing the absolute best service to our patients is one of our goals. We have therefore acquired a brand new, high-tech tool that allows us to find cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, even when they just beginning, and would have been missed by previous detection methods. The DIAGNOdent is a small, portable laser unit that can detect these cavities and alert us with an audible signal and also provide a numerical readout, so we have an idea of its size. The value is that we can stop cavities in their infancy, whereas in the past they would have to be significantly bigger before we could find and treat them. Just like other areas of medicine and dentistry, early detection and treatment are of immeasurable value in preserving your health.
Digital Imaging
Many people want to improve their smile, but hesitate because they have don’t know if the look they want can be accomplished. There are many aspects to making up a smile, and it can be hard, if not impossible for someone to clearly communicate what they see in their mind’s eye. That's where cosmetic digital imaging comes into play. This technology allows us to create images of your mouth as if the cosmetic procedures have been completed. We can then view these images together, and if necessary modify the image until it shows us exactly what you want. 
Once we have completed a thorough exam and discussed your 'smile' goals, a treatment plan will be created. We can then produce images showing your current smile and projected changes. This allows you to see what you will look like after treatment. Images can also be printed, which you can take home and discuss with family and friends before any treatment is performed. With digital imaging your results are predictable.




Intraoral Camera


Our office is equipped with a high-tech intraoral camera that allows our patients to see exactly what is going on in their mouth.  Be sure to ask for your tour of your mouth!  The teeth and other areas are magnified over twenty times and can be easily seen on the dental chair mounted monitor.  This camera is a great diagnostic and educational tool that is very beneficial for our patients.  We want our patients to be well informed so they can make smart choices for their dental health.

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