The Canton Dentist Diet for Great Oral Health

There are so many pieces to the oral health puzzle. From daily brushing and flossing to twice-yearly visits to your Canton OH dentist, to things such as your diet- one must monitor all of these aspects in order to maintain a smile that is simply stunning. In order to help you tackle the latter end of that list, the dietary portion, Dr. Hisrich has supplied some foods and drinks below that you can add to your intake in order to improve your overall gum and tooth health!


Whole grain: bread, pasta, rice and other foods of the whole grain family should be chosen over their “white” counterparts for several reasons. First, whole grain has a boost of vitamin B that is good for the gums and the teeth. Secondly, whole grain contains a lot less natural sugar than found in the white versions, so less decay and/or cavities can result from making the switch.


Water: it seems simple to think that the most important beverage can be ever so important to our oral health, but it is true! Water can help stimulate saliva, which is good for the teeth, and can also naturally wash away any lingering and pesky food particles that get stuck in between teeth. Some tap water is also fluoridated, which can help prevent cavities. Fluoride levels may vary depending where you are, so please check with a local municipality for more information.


Dark leafy greens: bok choy and broccoli are just some of the green veggies that can give your mouth a big boost of calcium and other vitamins. Don’t love the taste? Don’t fret. Maybe you can add some of the food from the final category to them to enhance this bite for your taste buds…


Dairy: broccoli and cheese, anyone? That’s right, cheese, low-fat milk, yogurt and other dairy products can give the gums and teeth a great boost of calcium, providing protecting and improving strength.


For more information on how you can create a diet that helps protect the health of your smile, call your Canton OH dentist Dr. Hisrich today at (330) 493-8400.

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