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While patients of your Canton dentist Dr. Hisrich will make appointments with our office for a great variety of reasons, one issue typically comes up very frequently: teeth sensitivity. And for a dental issue that impacts so many people worldwide (about 50% of the population on average), most patients do not know the root causes of sensitivity. For that very reason, today we will be discussing the causes of sensitivity, as well as how you can beat it – with our help.


So, to start…where does sensitivity begin? For most patients, and this can vary, it usually begins with diet. Throughout our years of eating and drinking sugary and acidic meals, the protective layer of the teeth called the enamel, can wear thin. It is because of this layer wearing away that the teeth can become discolored easier and how sensitivity can become prevalent. If this diet is continued, microscopic holes in the teeth can form that lead all the way to the center where the nerve lies. From that point on, whenever the nerve comes into contact with an outside substance, whether it is hot coffee, cold ice cream or other- it can start to throb and ache.


What can put an end to this sensitive tooth pain? You may have seen commercials about products in the store that end the ache, pastes or gels, but they are only temporary solutions. These products work by numbing the area that is in pain- but do not typically solve the root issue. Only dental professionals like your Canton dentist can permanently solve your sensitivity, which can mean 1 of many different treatments being involved, depending on your case.


For more information on how to solve your sensitive teeth, call our office today at (330) 493-8400 or click here!


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