With the Help of Your Canton Family Dentist, We Share Tips on Protecting Your Teeth on a Daily Basis


Having a smile that you’re proud of is the goal of your Canton family dentist! We want our patients to be able to leave our office satisfied with our services and happy to come back for their next check-up or appointment. That’s why we’re here to help provide our patients with helpful and easy tips to keep your smile in check during your busy days and nights, whether you’re at home or on the go.


Flossing Matters, Trust Us!
Although flossing may seem difficult or tedious, it’s truly one of the most beneficial steps during your daily dental routine. Brushing your teeth is necessary, but so is flossing. When you brush your teeth, you’re not getting all of the parts where food particles and bacteria hide, so your teeth are still in jeopardy! Flossing can be an awkward task to complete, but don’t be afraid to ask us about the best ways to floss and other alternative options, like a water flosser.


Limit Drinking Sodas, Coffee, and the Like
While tasty and delicious, these beverages are extremely harmful the surface of your teeth and your overall dental and oral health. Drinking coffee and soda throughout the day wears down your enamel (the protective surface of your teeth) and can make your teeth become weak and sensitive to other drinks, foods, and even the cold air! Try to dramatically limit the amount of soda, coffee, sports drinks, tea, and those similar by switching them for water. All of those beverages have a high level of acidity, which simply isn’t good for your teeth.


There are countless helpful dental tips around, so don’t be afraid to ask your Canton family dentist for more! Contact our office to reach out by calling (330) 493-8400 to ask any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment today!


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