Technology offered by quality dentist in Canton, Ohio


At the practice of Dr. Guy Hisrich, patients in the area of Canton, Ohio can enjoy quality care from a comprehensive dentist. His practice is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure patients have access to everything they need to obtain and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Below is just a few of the advanced technologies used to ensure precision diagnostics and treatment:


• Diagnodent – the Diagnodent is a special device that is used to detect cavities. Cavities may be physically visible during an examination, though other times they are not. By using the Diagnodent device, Dr. Guy Hisrich can accurately detect where cavities with a specialized light notification. This method of caries detection is extremely precise and is done quickly right in the dental chair. Once a cavity has been detected, the dentist can take the appropriate steps to diagnose and treat depending on the size and location of the dental caries.

• Digital imaging – while traditional dental offices uses x-rays to monitor conditions underneath the gum line, our practice focuses on the use of digital imaging. Digital imaging puts out far less radiation to the patient and allows the dental team to view the slides right on the computer. The dentist can zoom in and out and see very specific areas of the bone and jaw for proper detection of conditions. Digital imaging may be done during a first appointment, follow-up visits, or in preparation of treatment such as the placement of dental implants.

• Intraoral camera – sometimes it may be difficult for a dentist to explain what he sees to a patient. By using our intraoral camera, patients can see what the dentist sees! This is perfect for showing individuals the inside of their mouth and the area of treatment.


Dr. Guy Hisrich and his team can be contacted by calling (330) 493-8400 and speaking to his front office team to make an appointment. The practice is conveniently located in Canton, Ohio at 4264 Fulton Drive Northwest. Schedule a visit today to learn more about the technology used to improve patient care!

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