Dentist in Canton, OH offers digital imaging and other technology in state-of-the-art practice


Dr. Guy B. Hisrich, dentist in Canton, OH, believes in investing in his practice to ensure patients have access to the latest technologies to improve their smiles. By putting money back into his dental practice, he makes available many services patients may not be able to obtain elsewhere. At the practice of Dr. Guy B. Hisrich, patients can enjoy digital imaging, Diagnodent diagnostics, and intra-oral cameras.


Digital Imaging

Instead of using traditional x-rays which expose patients to vast amounts of radiation, Dr. Guy B. Hisrich uses digital imaging instead. This allows him to diagnose conditions but eliminates the high volume of radiation that patients are typically exposed to during these types of investigative procedures. Digital imaging is also clearer and more precise, even allowing him to view the images on a computer so he can zoom in and see specific areas of the smile.



Many patients love diagnostics done with the Diagnodent. This is a special device that emits a light that detects areas of decay—even those that cannot be seen during a physical examination with the naked eye. Dr. Guy B. Hisrich uses this device at each examination to check for areas of decay that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Intra-Oral Cameras

With the use of intra-oral cameras, patients get the opportunity to see what the dentist sees. This is a great way for Dr. Guy B. Hisrich to show patients what is going on with their oral health and give them some visible insight as to what their condition looks like and how to properly treat it. The intra-oral cameras also allow the dentist to take screen shots before, during, and after a procedure which can be used for further study or to keep on hand in a patient’s dental file for future references.


If you live in the Canton, OH area and are interested in learning more about technologically-advanced solutions available at our practice such as digital imaging, Diagnodent, or intra-oral cameras, contact us at (330) 493-8400 to make an appointment and discuss with our dentist the opportunity for improvement!

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